India-based artist Mamta Singh is a professional wall artist, doodler and an illustrator.

Work and kittens are her first love (umm cause kittens are cute?). She drew her first doodle ever on an empty wall at her house and somehow knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Being a commerce, law and business management student, it wasn’t easy for her to leave everything behind and start off something which seemed like a far-fetched dream, but her passion to give life to her seemingly impossible dream is what makes her successful today.

In 2012, she started off by selling handmade products like mugs and diaries and eventually grew her horizon into wall art, doodling, conducting workshops, illustration, murals and art installation. By mid 2016, she moved full-time into this profession and is now a famous artist in the country.

She believes in being true to your passion and is truly an amazing person to work or be with. She switches her time between transforming walls of clients at their place and transforming minds of aspirants at her workshops. She loves to travel, ride bikes, play drums and learn something new each day.