Doodle Art Workshop

A 4-hour workshop on complete basics of Doodling.

This workshop is to give new ideas and inspiration to an artist and aspiration to the non-artist who want to be creative and express themselves.

The objective of this workshop is to impart knowledge on doodling with hands-on training on different materials . From making handmade gifts to creating wall mural to redesigning old objects to simply doodling in your notebook, doodling can bring a tremendous amount of creativity – which is the main aim of this workshop.

Wall Mural Workshop

Wall Mural workshop is a residency program aimed at teaching the art of making Wall Murals.

The program would be led and taught by Artist Mamta singh who has created more than 300 wall murals.

First batch of the program would start in 2020 and applications for the same would open soon.

More details can be found by visiting the website of Wall Mural Workshop –